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If you have suffered a personal injury due to an accident, you can make a personal injury claim. Some people will advise you that you don't need a lawyer - you can sort out your personal injury claim on your own.

For a very minor personal injury - like a scratch! - that may be true. The people who will oppose your claim - the insurance companies and claims assessors try to limit the damage - they want to pay the minimum amount possible.

They are not acting in your best interest. You need an expert independent personal injury lawyer to ensure that justice is done and that you are properly compensated for your personal injury. With no win no fee, you have zero to lose and a lot to gain.

Those who claim that you may resolve a personal injury action without proper professional training and experience are ignorant - would you take advice from general advisers or from professional advisers who succeed day in day out with personal injury claims?

Your Personal Injury Lawyers can help you.

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